The Waler Horse Society was formed in 1986 and subsequently registered as the Waler Horse Society of Australia Inc. (WHSA) in 1988 to establish the Australian Waler Horse Studbook.

The aim of the WHSA is to promote the breeding and preservation of the Australian Waler horse breed for the Australian community.

By defining the Waler horse in a Standard of Excellence, an ideal is set for breeding programs involving the old bloodlines of the Australian remount horses.

The Studbook and Horse Register, set up and maintained by the WHSA, establishes the Australian Waler horse as a breed as distinct from a type. The WHSA builds awareness of, and provides information about, the Waler’s Heritage, their importance in Australian History and their potential for future use.

Waler horses, originating from remote outback stations with a history of breeding for the remount trade, form an essential part

of the WHSA Foundation Waler Horse Register.  Over the years, the WHSA has registered several hundred Foundation Waler horses with acceptable background and conformity to type as defined by the WHSA.  The Waler horse is considered a rare breed, with just over 700 Waler and part bred Waler horses recorded with the WHSA in September 2012.  To ensure the ongoing sustainability of the breed, the WHSA continues to locate, classify and subsequently register as Foundation Walers, horses that typically originate from remote outback stations with a history of breeding for the remount trade.

With the establishment the Waler Horse Register and Studbook, the Australian Waler horse faces a bright future with members and their horses actively demonstrating the Walers talent and versatility.

Walers on the Story Bridge

WHSA members and Waler breeders from around Australia form a small yet devoted group of enthusiastic individuals committed to maintain the Walers legendary qualities of hardiness, stamina, frugality and good temperament to ensure the Waler horse continues to be considered an important part of our equestrian community in the past, present and future.  Waler horses today can be found successfully competing in a wide range of equestrian activities such as endurance, dressage, eventing, Light Horse Troop, show jumping, stock work, camp drafting, cutting, roping, harness, polocrosse and pony club as well as pleasure and trail riding.

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