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The heartiest Thank-you, to all our O2A sponsors over the last 18 months or so, through collection, preparation and then presentation of our horses, Clayton Outback Brigalow  & Clayton Bunji.   Obviously, it has been a long hard slog for those most closely involved, however it has been worth it, with both horses now residing in their new homes.  The saddlery has been dispersed and at use in their new homes and as well as all monies raised deposited into the WHSA account for use promoting  and preserving the Walers.  Without the very generous help of these sponsors, the completion of this initiative would not have been an option.  
Again, a most sincere  THANK YOU.

The WHSA committee are excited to announce the arrival of  geldings, Clayton “Blue” (Pandie Proud × Clayton Tara) and Clayton “Ken” ( Pandie Proud x Clayton Little Barbie). These two horses are a generous donation from Clayton Station to the WHSA, which was instigated in 2014 and was initially for 3 horses: the committee settled on 2 horses given training and time constraints. They are now in the capable hands of Waler Horse Society President,  Jason Hunter. Jason and his family are of Rosehaven Walers in Victoria. Jason is a very experienced horseman, representing the WHSA in various outings, in Lighthorse uniform on his current mount,  Clayton Diesel.

Jason and his family made the 3600klm round trip to Clayton Station to help run in and choose the horses, educating them at minimum to a point where they would float and lead, then bring them back. They have committed their time, effort and energy to educate and prepare these 2 geldings for Equitana 2016, for their presentation as  “Outback to Arena”.

Their stable names above are listed with the stud prefix, however, their formal names are yet to be fully determined, and we will be giving people the opportunity to name them in the near future.  Keep an eye out on social media for the Facebook page “Outback to Arena” to follow their progress.

The special nature of these two stunning horses, means that their presentation at Equitana will be a promotional feature for the WHSA: they will be available for sale after Equitana, however a tender process will be employed.  This is to ensure that only the best of homes will be the outcome for the horses.  The sale of the horses and the finances they will bring into the Society will be dedicated to furthering show sponsorship, promoting the Waler horse, and also be used to  fund some future projects to look out for, that are currently in the pipeline.

The early stages of education of “Ken” and “Blue” is progressing well and  we will be looking forward to seeing them “unveiled” at Equitana.  Ken is 15.1hh and a traditional skewbald (commonly known as pinto in todays’ language), and Blue is 16hh and a blue roan.  Both were chosen for their standout colour and conformation, to show the versatility of Walers.  There are some photos of them on the left in the small Gallery and to keep up and follow their progress on Social Media, here’s the link:


As these horses have been now presented at Equitana, the Tendering process is open from the 17/11/2016, and closes 17/12/2016. This means that the horses will ideally be in their new homes by Christmas, and they will begin their lives from 2017 fresh and ready to go.

Here are some links for you to see video of the horses:

Equitana Arena Workout & Intro by Jason Hunter

Tender Promo Video